Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks pose a serious threat to the health of your pet and your family. Fleas alone can carry a variety of diseases that are transmittable to humans as well as pets (i.e. Cat Scratch Disease, Tapeworms, Mycoplasma, Typhus). Ticks are more well known for diseases such as Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Anoplasmosis, and more. Monthly preventatives allow us to maximize protection for our pets and ourselves.

Q: My pet is strictly indoors. He doesn’t need protection, right?

A: Living indoors does not mean that your dog/cat is not at risk. Fleas and ticks can be carried into the home on our clothes and shoes, and most dogs do go outside for potty breaks at the least. So regardless of your pet’s living situation, he/she is at risk for infestation.

Q: My pet doesn’t need prevention during the winter months.

A: Unfortunately for your pet, the south is not known for its hard winters. Fleas can hatch in 55-degree weather, and they can always live in the cold on a warm host. Ticks can go dormant to survive the cold, but they can survive on a warm host just as easily as fleas. This means that regardless of the time of year, our pets are still at risk for infestation.

Q: There are fleas in my house! What do I do?

A: Fleas can live inside your home on carpet, upholstery, and bedding. Adult fleas are only part of the problem. To eliminate your issue, you must also address the eggs and larvae. The easiest way to rid your home of these pests is to keep your dog/cat up to date on his/her prevention, and contact an exterminator. Over the counter sprays are available, but professionals offer more resources and knowledge in helping you with the issue. Consider having your home and your yard treated for best results. 

Q: I found a tick on my dog. What symptoms of tick diseases do I look for?

A: Symptoms of tick-related illnesses include:

  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stiff, sore, and/or swollen joints
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Runny eyes/nose
  • Pale gums and/or anemia
  • Weakness
  • Neurologic symptoms

There are many different products available for flea and tick control for your dog/cat, and we are more than happy to help you make the best decisions regarding these products. Discuss your preferences and your pet’s individual needs with us today!

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