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Pet Wellness Exams

Like people, pets require ongoing care to ensure they live long lives that are free of pain and discomfort. At Animal Health Care Center in Madison, Alabama, we offer routine wellness care that can keep your furry friend healthy and happy at every stage of their life. Our Madison veterinarians can catch signs of illness early on through annual wellness exams, which helps avoid delays in treatment. Prompt treatment will expedite your pet’s recovery and put him back on the road to good health.

What to Expect From a Pet Wellness Exam

During a wellness exam, we’ll check your pet’s eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, and coat for outward signs of sickness or disease. Our vets will also listen to your pet’s heart and lungs to detect signs of cardiac or respiratory issues and check for any joint dysfunction. If your pet has been showing signs of health issues, now would be a good time to discuss its symptoms or unusual behavior with our vets so we can investigate further.

Diagnostics may consist of lab work, like blood testing or fecal and urine tests, or imaging tests, like x-rays or ultrasounds, to diagnose any underlying health issues your pet may have. Through diagnostic testing, our Madison vets are able to uncover hidden medical issues in your animal, even if they are not showing any current symptoms. This enables your pet to get the treatment they need for a quicker recovery.

If your pet is due for vaccinations, we’ll update their core and non-core vaccines during the wellness visit. Vaccinations provide essential disease prevention protection for your pet. We’ll also check your pet for parasites and offer medication to keep them parasite-free year-round.

This is the time to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and take an active role in their veterinary care.

To get the most out of your well pet visits write down any questions or concerns you have before your visit. Include any changes in your pet’s daily routine, any unusual lumps/bumps, or personality changes that you have noticed since your last visit! 


Senior Pet Care

Senior pets are more susceptible to serious health issues like diabetes, cancer, thyroid problems, kidney problems, and other medical conditions. As such, they often require more extensive care to stay in good health. We recommend bi-annual checkups for senior pets so we can stay on top of their health.

Your senior pet will also need more extensive lab work and blood testing to evaluate the health and function of their systems and internal organs. At this stage of your pet’s life, it’s imperative that medical issues are diagnosed and treated as early as possible before they compromise your pet’s health. Early diagnosis and treatment can help extend your furry friend’s life.

See Our Madison Veterinarians for Pet Wellness Care

At Animal Health Care Center in Madison, AL, your pet can benefit from vet care services such as wellness exams, pet diagnostics, pet ultrasound, lab work, parasite control, disease prevention, vaccinations, senior pet care, and more. Contact us at (256) 461-8440 today for all your pet care needs.