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      - Welcome new PCAs: Kaylee, Alisa, and Ella!

      - Exciting News!   The Clawington of Madison will be open soon!

  • Doggie Days Daycare! Animal Health Care Center now offers daycare for your fur family! Find out more by visiting the Doggie Days Daycare page!
  • We offer text messaging through our landline phone: Simply text us at (256) 461-8440, and we can answer quick questions, set up appointments, refill prescriptions, and more, all with the ease and convenience of texting.

There’s no doubt that pet parenting is a delightful and rewarding experience. At the same time, pet owners have responsibilities to fulfill in caring for their pets. Looking out for your pet’s health and wellness is one of those responsibilities. If you live in Madison or one of the neighboring communities, bring your pet to Animal Health Care Center for quality veterinary care. We’re here to meet all your pet care needs.


Who We Are

Animal Health Care Center is your one stop location for pet care services in the Madison area. We offer progressive veterinary care services designed to protect and preserve your pet’s health. Our staff has years of collective experience in their field and is fully dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of pets in our care. From routine care to complex surgeries, you can count on our team to provide conscientious, compassionate care. At our clinic, your pet also benefits from the latest technology in diagnosing and treating medical conditions to help expedite his recovery. You can trust our veterinarian and our team to provide quality veterinary care.   

What We Do

By offering extensive pet care services, we make it easy for you to meet your pet’s healthcare needs at one convenient location. Preventative pet care is essential for keeping your pet healthy over the years. This program includes such services as wellness exams, diagnostics, parasite control, heartworm prevention, nutritional counseling, dental care, and vaccinations to safeguard your pet against life threatening diseases.

For your convenience, we provide in-house diagnostics that includes lab work, blood tests, radiology, and ultrasound for diagnosing medical conditions. Getting prompt, accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition can help avoid delays in his treatment. If your pet has a condition that requires surgery, our clinic offers laser surgery treatments for both routine and complex procedures.

Our dental care services include routine exams and cleanings to ensure your pet maintains good oral health. We also offer dental products to help with your pet’s home dental care.

If you have a senior pet, he can benefit from our specialized senior pet care to help protect his delicate health. Our veterinarian in Madison also provides microchipping services to help your pet get back home if he gets lost. We encourage all pet owners to microchip their pet. 

Working with a veterinarian  you trust is key to ensuring your pet is in good health. From routine exams to pet surgeries, our staff is committed to meeting your pet care needs. To learn more about our center or to schedule veterinary care for your pet, contact Animal Health Care Center in Madison at (256) 461-8440 today.

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