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Pre & Post-op Pet Care Madison, AL

Pre and Post-Op Care at Animal Health Care Center

Unfortunately, there may come a time where your pet requires surgery. It could be the result of a sickness, an injury, or the need for tumor removal. If your pet is scheduled for surgery, our veterinarians can ensure you and your pet are well prepared. At Animal Health Care Center in Madison, AL, we can help your pet every step of the way.  Here’s a guide to preparing your pet for surgery at our vet clinic as well as post-op care.

Pre-Operative Care for Pet

Before our veterinary experts plan your pet’s surgery, we will walk you through every step of the process. We will also administer pre-operative bloodwork to determine if it’s safe to allocate anesthesia to your pet.

Leading up to the surgery, we advise no food be given within 12 hours before the scheduled procedures. A small portion of water is acceptable. Just before leaving for the vet, try to get your pet to go to the bathroom if possible. Unless it’s a simple procedure, such as a neuter or spay, we keep your pets for observation until the anesthesia fades.

Post-Operative Care for Pets

After a major surgery, we keep your pet overnight to ensure no complications. Try to keep your pet very calm until the anesthesia wears off because it will lack proper balance and have difficulty moving and standing.

Every pet owner gets a list of post-operative care instructions and medication to manage your pet’s pain. You may be required to routinely change bandages and administer antibiotics and pain medication during your pet’s recovery. We are serious about pain management and make every effort to ensure your pet experience minimal stress or discomfort post-operation.

If your pet develops any unexpected complications, please contact us our vet hospital immediately. Our veterinarians in Madison are always accessible during business hours for emergency care. 

Contact Us for Quality Vet Care in Madison, AL

If you have any questions about surgical procedures or general wellness care for your pet, you can reach us at Animal Health Care Center by calling (256) 461-8440. We can also help your pet with routine check-ups and other pet health care services. Our team is committed to providing pets the care they need to live happy and healthy lives. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your pet.