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As a pet owner, it is important to find a quality health care provider for your animal. At Animal Health Care Center, we have years of experience providing residents of Madison with reliable veterinary care. Our passionate staff, combined with our high-quality facilities, will ensure your pets receive the best care possible. 

Our top priority is to create long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect with our clients and patients. From dog care to cat care we offer a variety of services all of which are focused on your pet's physical and emotional health. Please visit our website for additional information about the services we offer or call us to schedule your next appointment. 

What We Offer

  • Doggie Days Daycare: If you are leaving town, consider our pet boarding services. Our comfortable accommodations include supervised group play. This ensures your pet will get some fresh air, exercise, and socialize with other dogs while you are away. Each playgroup is sorted based on each dog’s temperament. Before being accepted into group daycare, each dog must receive an evaluation by one of our professional staff. This process helps us determine the best playgroup for your pet, and helps us ensure the safety of all pets in our care. Should an emergency = arise, our veterinarian will be available to provide care as needed.
  • Diagnostics and Treatments: Our animal hospital ensures all pets are fully vaccinated every year. We provide a wide range of preventive care options such as vaccinations, digital radiology, ultrasounds, dentistry, and laser surgery. We also offer nutritional counseling to prevent some medical conditions and ailments.
  • Senior Care: Following a complete examination, our veterinarian may recommend further testing to identify underlying conditions your pet is susceptible to. We regularly carry out urine tests to discover underlying diseases of the aging pets that are not easily detected in the early stages. We may also recommend lifestyle changes to help your dog enjoy its senior years to the fullest.

Veterinarian in Madison

If you require reliable veterinary services in Madison, Animal Health Care Center is ready to assist you. Our team has the knowledge and experience to properly care for all kinds of pets. Whether you need a simple checkup, require specialized senior pet care, or would like to take advantage of our pet boarding services, you can rest assured that your pet is in capable hands. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at .

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