Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a cutting-edge technology that is now being used for both humans and pets alike. We all want our dogs and cats to live pain-free and have pain management that doesn't involve surgery or medications. Laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-painful way to promote natural healing in cats and dogs. At Animal Health Care Center in Madison, AL, our vet team makes it our mission to provide the best pain relief treatment to your furry loved ones. Whether it's due to acute or chronic pain, or any other illness, laser therapy might be the best choice for your pet.

What Is Laser Therapy?

There are many types of lasers used in the medical industry today, ranging from Class I to Class IV lasers. Laser therapy uses Class III lasers, which emit photons into the muscle tissue and target specific parts of the mitochondria inside our cells. The photons then encourage the cell to produce ATP—the protein muscles use to re-build themselves—in addition to releasing endorphins and promoting blood flow.

Does Laser Therapy Hurt My Pet?

Not at all! Laser therapy is completely painless, and in fact, provides a soothing effect due to the warm laser that presses against the skin of your pet. Treatments aren't too long either, ranging from three to 20 minutes. The length of a laser therapy session will depend on the condition being treated.

How Can a Vet in Madison Help My Pet?

Our veterinarian team will assess if your pet is a good fit for laser therapy. Some pups and cats, such as those with certain cancers or who are pregnant, should not undergo laser therapy.

However, laser therapy is a great treatment option if your pet has:

  • Arthritis
  • Surgical wounds
  • Low metabolism
  • Trauma to any part of its body
  • Poor nerve function
  • Painful trigger points 

These can all be treated with the help of laser therapy. Our team will first conduct imaging tests, such as x-rays, and physical exams to determine if the pain your pet is feeling is musculoskeletal related and if it can be treated with laser therapy.

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Pet Laser Therapy in Madison

Your pet doesn't have to suffer from debilitating pain. Give them the non-invasive, relaxing, and effective laser therapy treatment they need so they can feel their best again. To learn more about how your pet will benefit from laser therapy, call Animal Health Care Center in Madison, AL, today at (256) 461-8440.





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