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Dental Care and Tooth Extractions in Madison

One challenge for pet owners is to overcome that piercing stench that comes from your pet's decaying gum tissue. Like with people, chewing more often through pre-existing dental conditions can lead to the growth of tartar on the teeth, leading to medical issues elsewhere in the body. The ultimate effect is bone erosion and erosion of the teeth and gums that can cause long-term pain and health problems for your pet. If your pet needs a tooth extracted, our team is here for you. At Animal Health Care Center in Madison, we provide the dental care your pet needs to stay healthy. 


What Is Dental Hygiene for Pets?

When you visit our clinic for your pet's dental cleaning, we will first put your pet under anesthesia for safety purposes unless communicated otherwise due to a medical issue. Our staff will use specialized tools to get rid of any tartar or plaque on your pet's teeth. If there are any tears in the teeth' enamel, we will use a special polishing paste. We examine your pet's gum line to determine if any problems are not visible on the surface. We will also ensure that your pet is free of any broken or infected teeth.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Sometimes our pets can have an issue with one or several teeth.  This can be for several reasons. Teeth can become infected, which quickly causes the infection to spread to other teeth, tissue, or bone.  Infections in the mouth can easily enter the bloodstream, which can pose even more dangerous health concerns. Sometimes pets break or damage a tooth, making it painful for your pet to eat.  Broken, diseased, or damaged teeth must be extracted to help ease your pet's discomfort or to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. Our veterinarians can provide your pet effective tooth removal in the comfort of our Madison office. 

What Care Is Necessary After a Tooth Extraction?

Following a tooth extraction, our veterinarians will prescribe medication to help keep your pet comfortable and safe. Depending on the number of teeth extracted or the location of the teeth, our veterinarians may prescribe pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication. This is to reduce swelling in the mouth and keep your pet comfortable. Our vets will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to reduce the risk of spreading the infection further through the mouth. We may need to see your pet again for a follow-up visit in about two weeks to monitor the healing process.  

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At Animal Health Care Center, we believe in helping all pets feel their best. Pet dental care is a vital component of overall health and wellness and should be performed routinely. To learn more about how our animal hospital can help your pet with dental care or tooth extraction, call our Madison office at 256 461-8440.

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